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天生歌姬 A-Lin

lj community dedicated to A-Lin

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lj community dedicated to a-lin
天生歌姬 A-Lin
welcome to a_lindiva, a livejournal community dedicated to the talented, Taiwanese singer, A-Lin! A-Lin was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan on September 20, 1983. She has released 4 albums and 1 EP since 2006 under Avex Taiwan.

Discography: 2006: 失戀無罪 (Lovelorn, not guilty) | 2007: 愛 請問怎麼走 (Love, How Should I Go?) | 2008: 天生歌姬 (Diva) | 2009: 以前,以後 (Before, After) | 2010: 寂寞不痛 (Loneliness is Not The Hardest Part)

01) All posts must be related to A-Lin
02) Have respect, any bashing or rudeness will have you banned

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01) If posting pictures or graphics, picture must be smaller than 400px (width) and no more than three icon teasers.
02) If posting any downloadable content, entries must be locked!
03) If posting news reports, they must have a source.
04) If posting videos, they must be 400px or smaller.
05) Use the tags!
06) Advertisements must be related to A-Lin; No ads for personal graphic journals.
07) Sales posts are allowed.

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